Can't send my BAT to my favourite creators

Error when tipping my favourite indian creator

It’s because the creator is from an unsupported region. Only creators from regions listed below can be tipped.

What to do with BAT then? I don’t support outsiders

What? Then maybe let the BATs expire or just tip to someone from supported regions. Maybe tip Wikipedia? You can tip @Saoiray, I have in the past. He spends a lot of time helping around here, so might be good to show our appreciation. It’s all your call, not my say here.

Wikipedia maybe but saiory never

Or you can search here for a creator that is verified.

As @SmartyAadi said, if someone will propose to you any kind of excange, the community will ban it as potential scam and is against Brave terms&policy.

I will gladly could have helped you, but i can t.

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