Can't send Eth to Youhodler

I have tried to send ETH to my Youhodler account and I get an error.

I am using Android and the ETH Mainnet network.

I select the ETH in my Brave wallet, select send and complete the amount and the address of my youhodler account. I select send and i get the screen where the Gas fee is added. I select approve and nothing happens.
When i go back to the main screen it comes up with an error but does not say what the error is.

I don’t know much when it comes to things regarding Brave Wallet, so I can’t offer much assistance. That said, I will ask a very simple question really quick as it’s an issue that has come up frequently in the past:

Are you putting the number there for gas fee and making sure you have ETH remaining to cover it? For example, if you have 0.1 ETH and you try to send 0.1 ETH, it won’t work because you’re lacking the gas fee.

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Ah ha thats was it i just lowered the amount of eth to cover the gas.

Thank you for your help.

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