Can't send donation to a registered brave user

Hello, as title say, I try to send a donation to a creator account on twitter and it say : This creator is not yet registered. Any contributions you send will remain pending, and retries will be made automatically for 90 days. Read more about this.

But the account is registered. I was previously able to send donation to this account, but not anymore

The Creator needs to open a support ticket, so that Brave support team can have a look at his/her registered channels.

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This doesn’t mean they are currently supported. If you missed it, a while back it was changed that all Creators must be in regions that are supported for connecting to a wallet, the same as for Rewards. As a result, many who had been Verified Creators lost their verification, as their country no longer is supported to link to Uphold or Brave. The list of supported countries is

As for you, there’s nothing more you can do yourself. If that Creator wishes to receive BAT then they need to be a Verified Creator. If they are in a supported region and are currently linked, then they may need to create a Creators Support Ticket at as Rodrige had mentioned.

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