Can't see my Money in the Wallet


I brought 50$ at uniswap with polygon USDC, I can see the money on Uniswap but, when I wanna swap it or send it… It’s always not enough for gas fees.
I tried it with 49$, 48$.
In my Wallet I dont see any money, but on uniswap.

Any idea?



I can see the money, but can’t swap or send it.

@sirDav1d in all the screenshots you have shared, you have failed to show you have the currency needed for gas. Each network you use has a certain required token you use to pay gas fees. You seem to be on Polygon, meaning you need to use MATIC for your gas.

Your pictures do not show any MATIC at all. This would be why it’s telling you that there is not enough gas.

Keep in mind, each network requires token from its own network. This is important to remember as things are opening up and tokens can be wrapped and go to different chains through portals. And if what I just said confuses you at all, then please slow down and go read some introductory information on cryptocurrency.

Below is a little cheat sheet for what tokens are used for gas on various networks.

  • Ethereum uses ETH for gas. (ETH must be from Ethereum, not from Optimism or other networks)
  • Polygon uses MATIC
  • Bitcoin chain uses BTC (Well, they call this more transaction fee instead of gas, but similar thinking anyway)
  • Optimism uses Optimistic ETH (in other words, ETH has to be from Optimism network and not from Ethereum).
  • Solana uses SOL
  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC) uses BNB
  • Cardano uses ADA