Can't see letters in address bar

Guys, can you please help me, I really don’t know if I disable something but I can’t see any letters in my address bar when I am typing. Same problem I found with using for example Google translator, the language select disappeared, but actually when I click to the right place I can switch the language. Thank you


Try highlighting the text you are typing inside the address bar. If you see any text, try changing the theme.

HI, thank you but I cannot actually highlight the text inside the address bar. This theme I am using from beginning of Brave using, this problem starts today. Thank you anyway


Try this

  1. Disable extensions to see if issue persists.
  2. If issue persists, reupdate Brave; Open brave://settings/help, click on the word ‘Version’, download the setup file and reinstall.

Mate, thank you so mu, reupdating helped me. Thank you :slight_smile:

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