Can't Restore Filecoin Accounts

I am a crypto newbie so please forgive if this is a naive question.

I recently installed Brave (v1.47.171) and am trying out the new self-custody wallet.
Just to be sure about the Restore feature I tried resetting and restoring the wallet. It worked perfectly.
I then created a new Filecoin account followed by Reset and Restore. The new Filecoin account was not restored. If I had had any coins in there they would have been lost, I presume. Only the 2 default accounts were restored.
At some point I read that only Etherium & Solana Mainnet accounts are restored - I can’t remember where this was.
At this point I can not trust the wallet since I can’t trust the Restore.

How do I enable the restore of new accounts?
Is it the case that Filecoin accounts will not be restored (and any others)?
If this is the case there should surely be a severe warning about using such an account!
Can somebody point me in the direction of a good explanation about such restore features (that I now don’t trust).

A github issue has been opened following your report

Give it a few weeks and it will get sorted out.

Thank you for that.
Since I don’t understand how the restore process works I am still nervous of the wallet though.
Are there any other accounts I may create but not restore?