Can't Restore Filecoin Accounts

I am a crypto newbie so please forgive if this is a naive question.

I recently installed Brave (v1.47.171) and am trying out the new self-custody wallet.
Just to be sure about the Restore feature I tried resetting and restoring the wallet. It worked perfectly.
I then created a new Filecoin account followed by Reset and Restore. The new Filecoin account was not restored. If I had had any coins in there they would have been lost, I presume. Only the 2 default accounts were restored.
At some point I read that only Etherium & Solana Mainnet accounts are restored - I can’t remember where this was.
At this point I can not trust the wallet since I can’t trust the Restore.

How do I enable the restore of new accounts?
Is it the case that Filecoin accounts will not be restored (and any others)?
If this is the case there should surely be a severe warning about using such an account!
Can somebody point me in the direction of a good explanation about such restore features (that I now don’t trust).

A github issue has been opened following your report

Give it a few weeks and it will get sorted out.

Thank you for that.
Since I don’t understand how the restore process works I am still nervous of the wallet though.
Are there any other accounts I may create but not restore?


So when your restore an account currently, only your default solana and ethereum accounts remain.

When you add more accounts to either Solana or Ethereum, they will match your accounts on your old wallet. Same thing with Filecoin, you can add a filecoin account and that will match the Filecoin account you had on your original wallet. You can double check the addresses to make sure.

Hope this helps!



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