Can't restore BAT after device reset

I recently have been trying to troubleshoot my pc and eventually my options came down to a factory reset. In doing this, I have lost all my Brave rewards and don’t know how to restore what I had - I forgot to note down my recovery code beforehand. I have synced back to my Brave settings using my laptop that was synced to my current desktop before the reset but can’t find anything else I can do.

Is there another way I can retrieve what I had?



Sorry But That Bat is not Recoverable

You can’t get back your previous Bat and also you lost 1 slot for the devices unfortunately.

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That sounds like some major BS. I would think the browser may recognize the IP address and reset itself. I have had brave for a long time and had to reset my phone as well, had a corrupt software in SD card and reset now I lost my level of bat and 1 month of pay. Now its pathetic the end of month payment amounts. I am pissed off that they cant do a simple IP check to restore. Total bullsh*t browser is my new name for it, pre search browser pays more when converted but it’s still new and spotty as well. Simple ip restore people!!

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