Can't remove sites in Settings → Sites that can always use cookies

This worked for me (at least for now), based on @dmbutler’s fix: Select “Block all cookies” (under Additional Settings > Privacy and security).

Then the cookies that were previously showing up all disappeared (I didn’t even need to delete them one by one).

As of now, the setting has remained that way even after I changed the Privacy and security settings back to “Block third-party cookies”.

I hope this helps, and thanks @dmbutler . But yeah, disappointed that this was an issue to begin with.

This is the best suggestion I’ve seen for this incredibly confusing and annoying problem. I was left with 2 that I couldn’t delete. I never enabled a Synch Chain though, and couldn’t find the aforementioned Properties file on my system.

So I think there must be at least one other way undeleteable entries can get into this list. But just taking this suggestion got rid of most of it so thanks.

Obvious Bug annoying a lot of people currently PLEASE FIX !!

Solution. This setting only occurs when you take shields down for any site. All you need to do to remove the site from the list is to go to it and put shields up. That’s it. It does mean that the site will not work properly, that’s why you had to take the shields off, but all you need to do is take them down then put them back up.

I think there are at least some pathways that this will not work for.
I’m including a screenclip of 4 entries in the list on my computer. The first two, for firebaseapp and for, are the two I could not remove. In the image, can see that these two have different icons, with no ‘trash’ icon, than the rest, and this seems to be the difference.

On the version I’m using (1.22.71) all you do is click on the three dots and choose Remove, see the screenshot attached. Your version might be different.

Hi @Fellwalker57, I believe that users with Windows 7/ 8.1, and *some Macs are having this issue. It appears you see the same as I do - I’m Windows 10. I recently learnt of this from another user whom I was trying to help Sites that can always use cookies


Ok, that makes a difference. I have Macs. Sorry I can’t help.

Yeah lol For some reason my mind just didn’t kick up the possibility that the user I was trying to help could be using something other than a Win10 :upside_down_face:

I’m on Mac, too. The simple fixes described here don’t work for me.

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Actually, I am Windows 10 (so according to some of the other replies should work) and I DO see the ‘Remove’ entry on the dropdown from the 3 dots icon. But, … it has no effect, I click ‘Remove’ and the entry is never deleted.


Any updates here? I switched my shield settings to “block cookies by default” recently and manually allow sites to set cookies. Since then, the “sites that can always/never use cookies” lists have become EXTREMELY polluted with entries that can’t be deleted. I literally have hundreds of non-deletable entries. This should be HIGHEST priority.

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works like charm on my case… Thanks

just disconnect from internet. copy the url of site you want to remove and paste that url into address bar. and then turn on the shield for that site.

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