Can't remove banner from GitHub and other sites

I fail to delete my tipping banner.


  1. I deleted all my channels (there was only one).
  2. I tried to remove banner by clicking “Tipping banner” button but an empty model window appears with X (close) symbol being the only content.
  3. I removed my account and signed up again.
  4. I can no longer log in because I get error 500 in the page console.
  5. Tipping banner is still shown on github, e.g. here:

Please, remove my banner on all sites. My email may be found at
Thank you.

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Thanks for reporting @ilyaigpetrov. When did you remove your channel and delete your account?

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Today, just before posting a message to this topic.

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Thank you for your help, @steeven. Before I deleted my github channel I had about 30-40 bats on my publisher account. After channel deletion it disappeared.
If it’s possible I would like to recover this sum in my old or in a newly created account.
Thank you.

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I’ve managed to create new account with the same email, but I still can’t change the tipping banner. After clicking “Tipping Banner” an empty modal window appears with X as the only content.

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