Can't receive bat

Hi. There is a bug when I try to receive bat from the browser.
When I click ‘ask’ the circle is revolving endlesly until I close the app.

Can you tell me what type of Device you’re using as well as your Brave version (you can find this in Settings --> About Brave)?

Hi. It’s brave 1.4.2. I use huawei mate 20.


Can you tell me:

  • What your location is (regionally)?
  • When you initially installed the browser?
  • Can you type chrome://rewards-internals into the address bar and copy/paste the information you see there and send it to me via DM?

apparently on a device mi note 7 pro the circle kept spinning i waited a little closed it then
It did not appear again
I assume it had expired
In that case why a expired grant is not labelled as one so one knows its gone .
chrome://rewards-internals what is the use case of this information for a user .


Try this

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