Can't Read Kindle On Brave


I have been able to read my Kindle content on both my KIndle reader and my computer using the Firefox browser. I read a few pages on Brave last night when a notice popped up telling me I could not access my KIndle content with my (Brave) browser. A list of compatible browsers was listed. I don’t understand this, as I seemed to be doing just fine until then.

Cannot view Kindle Cloud Reader on Brave

Hi @Jacknive,

Could you please try this on the latest version of Brave and let us know if it is still an issue? If so, please provide details as per the guidelines so we can better help.



I’m afraid not. Got a message to try another browser. Thank you.


I’ve confirmed this works fine on 0.16.9 with default settings, no extensions or plugins needed, perhaps @Jacknive will have less problems with an update and default security settings.

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