Can't reach anyone at Brave ads

I am part of the beta for ads on brave. we launched a campaign starting with small spend and have not been able to get a response for 6 days. (i’ve sent about 4 pings)

I have been unable to find someone to reach out to and added the initial waitlist email address that reached out to me to the email chain hoping to get anyone.

Any suggestions about how I should proceed?

As an agency we were hoping to move a bunch of clients onto brave ads. But we cannot even get a response… Not sure what is happening there.

Not sure if this is the place for this, but I could not find another email to send a help request to nor any place to open a ticket.

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cc @luke.mulks @Asad on this

Reached out to the team just now :slight_smile: We’ll get back to you with more details shortly.


Hi @arealhuman! I’m on the Managed Services Team for Brave Ads and am glad to help get things sorted out. I just sent you a private message. :slightly_smiling_face: