Can't open window from a page


I teach online and the website I work for has a sort of timetable page with all the lessons I have each day. Usually on other browsers, when I click on a particular lesson, a new window opens with the student’s previous lessons, a chat room for communicating with the student and so on. However, I just downloaded Brave browser today, and when I click on a scheduled lesson, nothing happens. I just see “javascript:openLessonWindow…” at the bottom left of the page, but no window actually opens. I tried to disable ad control, fingerprinting control (whatever that is) and cookies for the website, but the window is still not popping up. It would be nice to use Brave all the time and not have to switch to another browser whenever I have lessons, so any help on how to solve this issue would be appreciated.


You have to allow Scripts, or more specifically, not Block Scripts.

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