Can't open up my emails with brave browser

I have a email account. I can open up emails with google browser, but can’t open them up using brave browser.

Hi @larry1,
Can you tell me what happens when you try to check your emails? Are you able to go to the page at all? If so, is the page entirely unresponsive or do some things work?

I was able to create an account and log into my gmx emails without issue.

Hi @Mattches There has always been an ongoing issue with GMX for some reason or the other.

Running a search in the community with ‘GMX’ will present you with four additional topic relating to this and I’ve personally found out that it’s either a javascript issue not running in the background because many encrypted based web services require it apparently for the cryptographic side of things (don’t know the specifics) and or is a result of Shield being up.

There’s was an issue logged for it on Github which Brian hasn’t yet applied the ‘won’t fix’ or ‘fixed with brave core’ label, so we don’t know if the issue still persists dev version.

Thanks @Numpty.

If it’s a Sheilds issue, which I suspect it is, it’s likely that @larry1 has Block Scripts enabled.
@larry1 let me know the requested information and we can try to solve the gmx issue.

My page does open, but when I click an email to open nothing happens. I can’t even delete an email, so basically I believe the whole page is not responding.

I do not have Block Scripts enabled.

I changed my settings in brave to allow all cookies and now I am able to open up emails.
Thanks, Mattches and Numpty

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