Can't open Twitter/Facebook and some other sites

As the title says,I can’t open Twitter,Facebook and many other random sites.I’m new to the Brave Browser and it feels great,it just annoys me that I was never able to open Twitter/Facebook and other sites. My only 4 extensions are Volume Master,Allkeyshop,Keepa,7TV. I tried disabling protections or extensions but it only works on random sites and I’m still unable to open twitter/facebook. Thanks in advance for the answers!

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Does clearing cache and cookies work ?
Also, please try the same in a priate window.

I tried but sadly it doensn’t work :frowning:

Could you try in a new profile?

Still doesn’t work sadly

@Mattches Please look into this. Thanks!

Can you please share some more information about the issue? Can you tell me what OS you’re using as well as what Brave version you’re using?

Additionally, can you tell me exactly what happens when you do try to visit those sites? Are there any errors shown? Do they just refuse to load?

Thank you.

I’m on W10,the version should be the current one
[Version 1.46.144 Chromium: 108.0.5359.128 (Build ufficiale)]
Twitter and Facebook load for 1 second and then the error page comes. On Twitter I can just see the bird logo for 1 second and then error page,on Facebook at least it loads my search tab and notification tab for 1 second and then again,error page. Quora for example doesn’t even open,it’s just error page as soon as I click.
Error code is STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR .

I know you’ve said you’ve tried this already, but can you please try the following these steps again?

  1. Please create a new browser profile
  2. Once created and open, please ensure your original profile window is closed, you should only have the one new profile window open.
  3. Please try to visit Twitter/Facebook.

If you get the same error please let me know.

I tried it before and it didn’t work,I tried again and still didn’t work :frowning:
edit:facebook and quora just put me in the login window but twitter won’t even open.
if i click a quora/facebook link it wont open.

Are you on a VPN of some kind? Do you have any anti-virus software running at this time? What are you Shields settings (lion icon in the address bar) set to for those sites?

I’m not on a VPN,I have Kaspersky,I tried to disable it,went on another profile and tried various combinations (1:no antivirus,no brave protection,new profile 2:yes antivirus,no brave protection,new profile etc…) and still nothing. The lion icon has the middle choice on everything and it has “update every connection to https” on,script blocking is off.

Do these sites load without issue on other browsers?

Nope,I used Firefox all my life and never had a problem,my friend made me switch to Brave and I found it better than Firefox but the only 2 issues I have is this one and another one is that whenever I put a yt video on another tab it instantly plays.

Rather than disable Kaspersky, try exiting it completely. Check nothing is set in brave://settings/?search=proxy and brave://settings/security?search=dns is clear (or test with Cloudflare dns)

Still nothing,even tried on a new profile :frowning:

How about a different computer on the same network? Brave isn’t blocking Facebook or Twitter, something else is blocking acces to it

On the other PC it works fine , I truly don’t know what’s causing this issue,a lot of random pages wont load and it’s really annoying because except that and the youtube thing I’m loving the browser.

I use Brave on my phone which is an Android and I also have similar issues when attempting to login to FB or other social media sites. I did try turning the Brave shield off and every time I did that, the site worked like it should. If I did login however, & then turned the shield back on for protection it instantly put me right back at the login page and I was back at square 1. So the only solution I could come up with so far, is unfortunately deciding which is more important to me at the time. My social media needs or my privacy settings. Sometimes I wonder though, if at this point my privacy shield is even a big deal when it comes to a site that I was using for quite a while before I even began protecting myself this way. Like, I’m almost positive the damage has already been done and the shield is best used for surfing and visiting spaces I’ve never been to before.

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