Can't open some sites, Brave bounces back and forth between http and https


  1. Open
  2. Does not open, bounces 10 times/sec, CPU load goes up 40%. It looks like it’s bouncing between http and https.
  3. I can close the tab and it’s ok, but I can’t open the site.

Exactly this happened with a completely different site a couple hours ago but I can’t remember which one. It was an interactive applet, too.

The site works in other browsers.

Brave: 0.22.13
rev: a8cfb160479f1d00d0769368eb440030182bb83b
Muon: 5.1.2
OS Release: 6.3.9600
Update Channel: Release
OS Architecture: x64
OS Platform: Microsoft Windows
Node.js: 7.9.0
Brave Sync: v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent: 65.0.3325.181


Try clicking on the shield (lion) icon and putting shields down for just this site.


This solved the problem, I can open the site now. Although, I can’t find out which setting should be left allowed because I can’t enable them one-by-one, all of the shields had to be disabled at once.

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