Can't open PDFs in the browser


C. A listing of:
i. Your Operating System and version Windows 10 Pro v 1703 x64
ii. Your Brave Version. 0.17.19
D. Detailed step-by-step instructions of how you came across the issue.
Can’t open documents in the browser, it prompts to download them instead when you click on the link.
In Microsoft Edge and Chrome, it opens the file in the browser.


I can also add I’m seeing this problem as well on Mac.

Brave: 0.17.19
rev: 4e46480561da44d76d6ee4c60d6979df80d339f8
Muon: 4.1.9
libchromiumcontent: 59.0.3071.115
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: dev
os.platform: darwin
os.release: 16.7.0
os.arch: x64


the issue is discussed here:

Still, since the bug cannot be reproduced consistently, it needs investigation. Best,