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Since the latest Brave update, I can’t open a PDF on the website, although I can still do so with FireFox. I’m running Brave .13.4 on IOX 10.11.6. My shield settings are: Block Ads, Block 3rd Party Cookies, HTPPS Everywhere, Block Phishing/Malware, and no script or fingerprint or script blocking.
Thank you.


What happens when you try to open the pdf document? Could you provide the link for the pdf document?


I have the same issue, from the True Hire website. Unfortunately, I can’t share a link because you would need to be logged in as me to view the link. When I click the pdf link, the screen flashes as if it’s trying to open a window, but nothing happens. When I do the same in Firefox, it downloads the pdf and then opens it in a new tab.

My settings are the same as Jacknive; any thoughts?


@Jacknive if possible could you share the pdf link so that we can check?


All I get are blank pdf pages. The link is here:
I don’t think you’ll be able to get in there, as it’s a paid site. I’m
running OSX 10.11.6 on an iMac vintage early 2008. Interestingly, I am
able to view the pdf on this site using my MacBook Pro, vintage 2009,
running the same IOX. Thank you.

Ed Ward


Would you mind taking another example? Without opening the file itself it is hard to troubleshoot.



I have this same problem now. I cannot open webpages with pdf’s and end up going to an alternate browser for this task.


it seems sometimes pdf is not opened within the browser. The issue is tracked here:


The .pdf extension is also not being added to .pdf documents downloaded in Brave. The defects in the pdf.js handler are the main reasons I can’t use Brave as my sole daily driver, which I’d love to do because it is so superior in almost all other aspects. It seems that I’ve been on this Quixotic quest for a browser that I can use for everything for years now but each iteration of each browser has its Achilles heel. Brave has come the closest to being the browser good for everything, but this is a pretty serious shortcoming.


I get a login prompt when I open the link


I’m having some difficult with a few seemingly random sites too. Since I’m loving Brave, i wanted to provide some (hopefully helpful) feedback. Details are:

i. Your Operating System and version: Windows 7 Enterprise, SP 1
ii. Your Brave Version. 0.18.23
Scenario where problem occurs: When I look up old journal articles on online libraries, the pdf opening border loads, but (sometimes) the content is blank and i cannot e.g. print or download the pdf.

One example is:
[You may not be able to replicate this particular one as the file is protected by licensing, sorry.]

Opens fine in Chrome.


@oreng Could you check the console on developer tools when you open that pdf? You can access it by pressing F12 on that page.

If I open the link you provided it shows Redirecting to basic pdf and shows a preview of the document.


@sriram Does this help? I wasn’t sure what was relevant so grabbed everything.

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