Can't open my Weebly website page to edit


I just started using Brave 64-Bit on my older PC today. (It is running Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit. I did purchase a new computer, but wanted to try out Brave on the old one before setting up the new one using Windows 10.)

I have a website-based business for which I use a Weebly Business site (launches through When I need to open my site for editing, Brave does fine with the initial log-in and basic lead in pages, but when it comes to opening the actual site for editing, it churns and churns, and never opens the site.

I have tried turning all the shields on and turning them all off, but nothing happens. I let it churn for a good 5-10 minutes, but then log off, as it seems as though it should be able to open in that time frame.

I don’t know if this is a Windows 7 issue, or if I need to turn on/turn off something to make it play nicely with Weebly. I know my computer is older, but it seems as though this should be a fairly straight-forward fix. In my old (Firefox) browser, Weebly usually took 30-90 seconds to open my site, which is very picture and video heavy.

I hope this information is an appropriate format. I am not tech-savvy (obviously) but the things for which I use my computer are important to me and my business.

I so appreciate your time and any helpful advice you may be able to give. Have a wonderful day!

I believe that you must explicitly set cookies option to Allow all. This is how I got Weebly to render correctly on my end.

Note that in the Developer build Weebly ran without issue and without having to adjust any Shields settings – meaning that there is likely already a fix in builds coming down the line.

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