Can't open files from Blackboard (School Courses website)

Word doc files do not open when file link is clicked within

From within blackboard while logged in, click link with file (ending in “docx”).
A new tab opens up, is blank, and nothing downloads.
Problem does not resolve after turning off all shields.

However, it downloads from Chrome just fine.

I’m updated to latest version of Brave:

Version 0.67.125 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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@xandertmiller Allow cookies in shield and try again? it may work.


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Sorry yeah I forgot to mention that doesn’t seem to solve the problem :frowning:

@xandertmiller would you mind sharing the URL? I can try it out from my end.


Sure thing! But you may not be able to access it since it requires login:

I also disabled my popup blocker extension, but it didn’t make a difference.

Would you be willing sharing either (or both) of the following:

  • A screenshot of the Console window in Dev tools
    1. Visit the site/page where you go to download the document.
    2. On Windows, press ctrl + shift + i to launch the dev tools window
    3. Click on the [Console] tab to display the console window
    4. Click on the link to download the document – screenshot what shows in the console.
  • A short screen recording of this behavior as you see it on your end.

Blackboard is pretty widely used and I’d like to make sure students/teachers can use it without issue in Brave.

Does Disabling sheilds at all help?

Hi there, sure I’d be happy to. Please note that while I did this screen recording for a PowerPoint download, it happens for ALL downloads (PDF, Word Docs, etc.). In the recording I made for you, I show first that it works in Chrome, and then I try it in Brave to show you what I’m seeing. Please note that I’ve restarted a few times in the past week, I’m completely updated to the latest Windows 10 software, and I’m updated to latest version of Brave: Version 0.68.131 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100 .

Here’s a YouTube link to it; this site won’t allow me to upload files (it says I’m a ‘new user’).

Nope it does not I’m afraid

Thank you for the recording – much easier to see whats going on this way. I’d like to see one more thing, if you’re willing – would you mind visiting the site and clicking on the link in Brave(just as you did in the video you shared), but do so with the Dev tools console window open?

Simply navigate to the page where you click on the link, then go to Menu --> More tools --> Dev tools --> [Console] tab and click on the link again. Take a screenshot of the output in the Console window and share the image here.

Hello, here you go! I’m not sure it’s what you wanted, however; that “uncaught syntaxerror” occured before I clicked the link to download the file (it occured from navigating to the page in blackboard). When I try clicking the link to download, nothing changes in the console box, and when I navigate to the Dev Tools Console box in the new download window, nothing shows up in the console box there. I tried it a few times and it did the same thing.

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Does the same thing also occur in Brave beta?

So I was able to sign up for a free 30-day preview of Blackboard in order to test on my end. Now for me this is obviously not going to be your exact setup, but I’m trying to get as close as I can. I was able to navigate to ~/tools/MyContent, which seems to be populated with some dummy files for testing – perfect!

However, I was unable to reproduce as clicking on the .docx link (or .pdf or any filetype) prompted me to download the file as intended:

I’m wondering – given that I’m limited to this preview – is there another section on Blackboard that I can test that would more closely match your setup?

Hi there, thanks so much for doing that and sharing with me! I do have PC (not Mac) so that may make things different. But the domain is very different…specifically, rather than The entire interface is completely different. I wonder if this is something that you or I would have to contact Blackboard directly about? Unfortunately I think our school domain is closed unless I gave you access to my account with my username and password (when you navigate to, you have to sign in with school credentials, there’s no option for guests). Let me know what you’re thinking!

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