Cant open additional tabs

basically the what the title says, i tried:
-disabling all extensions, and even the brave’s adblocker
-uninstalling, but the problem still remains
-other browsers, but they have no issue opening tabs so the website is not the problem here

V1.19.92 (Feb 5, 2021)

I can see the tab at least trying to open, i mean the animation of the tab opening, but it closes as if i closed it.

I can still open websites copying the link and pasting but it makes constant additional work and this only happens in “some” websites. So its just annoying more than anything. Feel free to ask anything u need to know if u want to help please :slight_smile:

  1. Did you disable all themes too?
  2. Did you try CONTROL-T to open a new tab?
  3. Did you use the menu to open a new tab?
  4. Have you tried the plus sign next to the tabs to open a new tab? Are all those options broken?

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