Can't open a new private tab in a new window in one shot


Unless I’ve missed a way to do it, in order to open a New Private Tab in a New Window, the window has to be opened first and only following that can a private tab be opened in that window.

That means that the New Tab that automatically opened with the New Window isn’t a private tab and may not be wanted.

Is there a way to open a New Private Tab in a New Window in one shot?



Hi @mk7z,

No, as far as I’m aware of. Like you said, you need to open new window first that will open new normal tab. Then you can open new private tab after that.

Thank you,


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Quick update to this -
I’ve confirmed that 1.0 is likely to use Private Windows by default. That is, instead of opening a private tab within the current window, a new, private window will be opened (you can see this when using Brave Dev version).


Great, thanks.

What’s the current status of Brave Dev version?

Is it available for regular users to try, or not ‘finished’ enough for that?


@mk7z, still in developer version. Not “finished” but you can try it.

See Brave Developer release now available to public!

And About the Developer Builds category



It’s not a “daily driver”, but its…pretty great. More than usable. I’ve been using it to respond to your posts all day without issue :slight_smile::stuck_out_tongue:
Check it out:


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OK I’ll bite. Does running the dev version pre-empt the standard version or can they be run in parallel?


They can be run in parallel :slight_smile:


Thanks. How does one install a Chrome extension in the Dev version?

If I go to the Chrome Web Store while in the Dev version will the extension install the same as if I were actually in Chrome?

At the moment I’m eager to install a tab manager, e.g. this one:



Hi @mk7z,

For now, you can install it directly from Chrome Web Store. In the future, AFAIK Brave will have its own store.


Thanks. Looks like I need to be in a non-Private tab to install the extension. Chrome Web Store is complaining about my attempt at ‘incognito’ access.

How does one open a non-Private tab in the Dev version?


Ctrl + T opens a new tab


So far only ‘private’ tabs are opening (in the Dev version).

I don’t see how to open a ‘regular’ one.


You mean just normal tabs? For everyday browsing?


The Chrome Web Store webpage is displaying: “Some of the functionality of the Chrome Web Store is not available in the Incognito mode.”

Whether that’s the reason or not, when I click on the “Add to Chrome” button (again this is in Brave Dev), nothing happens.


OH, I’m so sorry. I totally missed your initial post about Tabli, that’s my bad! I thought you were just asking how to open tabs :stuck_out_tongue:

Give me a few minutes to test the extension and I’ll get back to you.


Working great for me! What happens when you try and open it by clicking the icon (or using the default hotkey to open it)?