Can't obtain funds since 5 months due to device limit. Angry


Since 5 months now I haven’t received any payouts because of the … Device limit. I did NOTHING wrong and for some reason my laptop and smartphone have been unlinked from Uphold out of nowhere. The form that is being provided here to “unlink” devices is not meant for the average user. They want a special ID that can only be obtained by “Inspecting” some HTML code of a website, i tried it and couldn’t find it. A regular person has no chance to obtain its funds. Why is this so complicated? I have switched to Firefox since then because of the total failure of Brave and the inability to solve this experience breaking Rewards issue.
I assume this post will be deleted aswell because any criticism gets censored like in Mainland China.

Please submit the unlinking request. If you’re using Uphold, you can find your custodian member ID by going to your Uphold account, clicking Profile and then using the Member ID listed here.

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