Can't move Bookmarks folders if destination requires scrolling

I haven’t found a way to move a Bookmarks folder if the target location isn’t already viewable from where the source folder is located.

Reason: the Bookmarks list (left side of screen) doesn’t scroll when I attempt to drag-&-drop.

Is there a way to do it that I haven’t found (other than via the folder’s ‘Edit’ option)?


Hi @mk7z,

Did you already try to manage your bookmarks via Bookmarks Manager?
Hamburger menu > Bookmarks > Bookmarks or Ctrl+Shift+O to open the manager.


Thanks.… “Mookmarks”? :wink:

I’m not sure what the “Hamburger menu” is but what I was referring to is an operation that occurs directly in the Bookmark Manager.

For example:

If I have a folder that I’ve put under Other Bookmarks and I want to move it to the Bookmarks Toolbar instead, I can only do that via drag-&-drop if no scrolling is required to get it to “Bookmarks Toolbar.”

If Bookmarks Toolbar isn’t in the same viewable screen area as the folder I want to move into it, it can’t be done because the folders list doesn’t scroll as you drag-&-(try to) drop.

(That is, it can’t be done other than by using the ‘Edit Bookmark Folder’ option for the folder I want to relocate.)

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Hi @mk7z,

  1. The “hamburger menu” is a silly name for the “More Options” menu (cause it kind of looks like a hamburger, you see :slight_smile:):

  2. We have anissue for this on Github and it’s been moved to the backlog. This signifies that the team is aware of the situation and are deciding when/how to address it.

For now, I’d recommend using the “Edit” function. Not ideal, but at least it will get the job done. If I learn any more information about this issue I’ll drop it in this thread for your reference.

@mk7z Fixed. Replying at 4 AM is a bad idea. :sweat_smile:

And yep, this menu. :sweat_smile: thanks @Mattches! In the past I said three-dots-menu because it was three-dots-menu before changed to that hamburger menu. Should we say Menu menu?

@mk7z, actually I can do that. A bit tricky, but works. See

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Thanks. I see what you mean. And you can even take a nap while you wait for the scrolling to wake up. :wink:

“Mookmarks” sounds good to me, maybe a name for a future enhancement. Actual functionality yet to be determined.

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Thanks. Never realized three vertical dashes could be interpreted as a “hamburger.” But we’re in a Brave New World here. :wink:

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Here it is working in Dev build as well :slight_smile:

Going to close this topic now. If you need any further assistance or have additional questions feel free to create a new topic.

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