Can't logon to

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  1. I can’t logon to on brave
  2. The logon works on Chrome with same exact credentials

Expected result:
I expect to logon to

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Brave can’t just change credentials, so no, you are not using the same exact credentials, it is either you are using wrong the credentials or the one in Password Manager has them wrong, so either make sure they are correctly or type your email and password correctly or make sure you are copying and pasting it correctly, because It works fine, I just logged after a year on my Gab to test this thinking it was a script or browser problem.

I too was able to login without any issues. Can you maybe elaborate a bit on what happens when you attempt to login? Does it say you are entering the wrong credentials? Does the page freeze? Does it look like your creds went through but then it kicks you back to the login screen?

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