Can't login to rewards on desktop but am logged in on phone

I signed up on my phone and am verified for rewards through uphold. When I click on 'Unverified" in the wallet section of the Brave desktop browser I get no joy. What am I doing wrong?

I opened a new tab and signed in to uphold without problem but it is linking uphold to brave that I need help with.

Depends. What message are you being shown when you’re trying to log in? Walk us through on what you’re doing and what you see.

In the Brave desktop browser when I click on the triangle in the top right I see a small window that pops up in the top right and it shows a balance of $0.00 BAT and a button that says ‘Unverified >’. When I click on the ‘Unverified >’ button most of the time nothing happens. Once in a while it will ask me to choose to authenticate via Uphold or Gemini. Because I have Uphold I click that. I get a notice that says I need to have a minimum of $2BAT but it won’t let me proceede any further regardless of what I click.

Would you know the command sequence to follow that will allow me to login to rewards on the desktop Brave browser with the same account that I am using on the mobile Brave browser?

Okay, so in regards to verifying. You can do it that way. I typically just go to brave://rewards but it’s kind of the same. In terms of the BAT, do you have the 2 BAT they require of you? (I think it’s 2 BAT, not $2 in BAT, right?) If you haven’t earned and claimed that BAT yet on your specific browser, then you wouldn’t be able to link it yet. It’s going by BAT earned on that device, not on BAT earned elsewhere.

Good to know, I’ll start building up BAT, (you’re right it was 2BAT not $2). Thanks!

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