Cant login to

I sent email to the, but no one ever wrote me back.

Can someone help me to login?

You didn’t explain what happened?
Do you mean you never received the login email? Did you check the spam folder?

Ehh… I added my website to the publisher system years ago. I could log in and check account I did it many times in the past. I didn’t log for a while and wanted to check how’s the thing going on and change my 2fa app and I could not login.
Spam folder is empty, I am not dumb man. I can read information’s from the screen.
So pleas stop giving me advices that were suggested already by the error/information messages and help me.

I remember that many months ago I tried to login, but the effect was the same and I contacted support provided in the info message and no body gives a s*it about my email, I totally forgot about it and I am back now. I decided to give it a try here on community website as I read tons of similar cases from the past that different users reported.

You asked for help. I tried to help.
If you are not humble enough to accept answers, then do not ask questions.
This is my last word to you … good luck with your problem

Awesome, maybe someone better than you will reply. And not ask me again to check spam folder. You thought you want to help but you just asked, about same that was on my screenshot. Very useful. Bravo.

@hoek Last week they had issues a couple times where emails weren’t sending but then it got fixed. I just checked and email arrived to me instantly and I was able to log in. Can you try again and see if your problem persists?

It’s not about being dumb. If you ever spend much time here on Brave Community, you’ll see where people just get in a hurry or have a lot of things on their minds and they don’t start with the simplest solutions. Such as people wondering why BAT is being withdrawn but didn’t think to make sure they have Auto-Contribution turned on. Or why are they seeing ads, but didn’t think to make sure they had Shields on.

Part of trying to look for solutions is to sometimes start at the beginning and checking steps, just to see if it goes to where things went wrong. This is especially the case when you’re posting in a place where it’s primarily Users who will be helping you. If you ever need ONLY Brave to assist, then you need to create a Support Ticket or send the email, as you’re saying you did.

Support tends not to work over the weekend. Seeing how it’s just now Monday and as I’m writing this, it’s 8:55AM. Meaning they haven’t even necessarily started their workday. In addition, they don’t just sit around doing nothing all day. There are lots of posts, messages, and support tickets they handle daily while also working on other things on the backend. So patience is kind of important. If you’re expecting immediate responses, then likely need to change your expectations.

I tested it now, doesn’t work.
I sent two emails to that address in about a few months and no one replied.
The link you provided for the support ticket… which category you think fits the best?
Because for me non. There is no support category for publishers.

I didn’t said “support sit around doing nothing all day”, but in my case it fits the description you provided.

Ah, they renamed or erased the one that had General, which said issue not related to Rewards. Regardless, I’m going to tag @steeven over on this because I saw him active not long ago. Unsure if he was just poking his head in or if he’s on and helping right now. Otherwise it will likely be @SaltyBanana who might be able to further assist in a bit.,

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Great, thank you. I have a hope that after your intervention someone will join and finally solve the issue.

Thanks all, @hoek can you DM me the email linked to your account and I’ll flag directly with the Creators team. Thanks.


Hell yeah! Finally. That’s the best help I was waiting for so long. Thank you.


Hello @steeven ,

sorry to bother you but I have precisely the same concern and impossible to unblock the situation for months.

Could you help me?

I have dm you with the email of the account concerned.

Thank you in advance for the time you can give me.

Hey @steeven @SaltyBanana ,

Should i open a new case maybe? Sorry if i did it wrong :confused:

Yes, you should ALWAYS create a new topic rather than jumping in on someone else’s. This is especially the case when the topic is more than a month old AND solved, like this one is.

Understand, my bad.

Here’s the new one:


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