Can't login to Google after cache clear

Description of the issue: I cleared my browsing data (all time), reset my router & modem. After doing so, I can no longer login to Google. I can type in my e-mail, authenticate myself on the notification that appears on my phone, the Google page refreshes and is back as if I hadn’t logged in. If I click the “Login” button on there, nothing happens (quite literally, it’s as if the button did nothing).

How can this issue be reproduced? I have no idea.

Expected result: I should be able to login.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.51.118

Additional Information: This was working fine before my procedure of clearing browsing data etc. I can login fine on Google Chrome. The only extension I have is Bitwarden. I am not using a VPN.

Thank you.

Bumping because I still have this issue.

I don’t want to abandon Brave but I might not have much of a choice if no one knows what’s happening here.

@VeryTuff Try temporarily disable your Brave shield on that specific site and clear your browser cache. If that doesn’t help or need guidance to fix the issue, you can refer to this:

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