Can't login to account cant cancel Brave PRO. It has bugs and is just reloading to secure login screen

I signed up for PRO and cant see my account screen it loads for a split second and then reloads the screen to send myself a secure sign on. when i go to the email and click it just loads the same screen. Also I synced ma account and can see my other linked accounts but none of my rewards show… I cant find any internal support or a way to cancel… I may have to block the transaction and report this… I must say this is disappointing. I’m hoping to just get this resolved as I was excited for Brave Talk as I’ve used Zoom for business for years.

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Hi @JamesReynolds, can you DM me the email linked to your account?

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Just sent you a message of account email via DM. Thanks!

@steeven I sent you a DM.

@steeven bro you going to help or what???

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