Can't login on second desktop Brave app

Jesus Mother F Christ… Brave, you becoming more and more rats. You want us to use your Brave Browser so we can make crypto (suposedly), but there is ALWAYS something in the way so your whole f system always working like crap. You ignore the users, the community, everyone. I see so many complains since a couple years, I mean, do something for f sake.

Why can’t I login on another Brave Desktop App since a year now… I’ve done f nothing wrong and you blocked me for whatever reasons I still f ignore… But now it is enough, here is a screenshot, this is what I see everytime I try to loggin a second Brave desktop app on Windows 10 (or Windows 11, Linux, etc.).

  1. Windows 10 (21H2)
  2. Brave Browser for Windows (v1.40.113)
  3. Using a Gemini account

All is 100% legit since day 1 that I’m using Brave.


Just create a ticket here:

Wallet payment ID would be required in the form and will be found here: brave://rewards-internals/

Don’t post that personal info anywhere publicly.

Tip borrowed from @Aman_m

Be specific in your report. You have 2 Windows OS desktop computers, each running Brave Browser. The 2nd Windows OS desktop computer’s Brave Rewards Profile has been flagged, and you believe that problem to be a FALSE FLAG.

PS. You will help, if you edit your topic title, in order for your topic title to be more focused upon the issue that is your concern.


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@roylaprattep If you believe you haven’t done anything wrong, don’t worry, just create a ticket from the link posted by 289wk and you shall be fine. You will get a response in few days.

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