Can't login into Kohl's with Brave

I can’t login to Kohl’s with Chrome. I made sure to log out of all other sessions on Chrome and other browsers, thinking I couldn’t be logged in on more than one browser/device. That wasn’t it. This is the first hiccup I’ve seen with Brave. It wouldn’t let me update my cart either. If anyone else has an account, please see if it works for you. Thanks.

I just created an account, I was able to login and logout without issue. Does disabling parts of sheilds helps? Disable cookies and/or site-trackers would be a start

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Thank you. That worked. I’m completely new to Brave. This is like my 2nd day using it, so I didn’t even know what shield was. I clicked and went shield down, and it worked.

Which sheild setting affected the site?

IDK. I just click shields down for this site and turned everything off.

Just enable sheilds, and start disabling each setting. Would be interesting to know the issue, and if its fixable.

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