Can't login into Creator Account / Don't receive login mail


After requesting a login mail, I can’t login because those mails never arrive.
I also checked with my email provider (protonmail) and there is no rule/filter to block emails form

I can’t login and that is really not great.

Hopefully someone can help.

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@Varusal - please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks in advance!


Im having the same issue … no email recieved when trying to login

@steeven is it possible that theres a general issue and fix … or will it be solved individually ?

update: i am now getting the mail, and im able to login … must have been a general issue.

from my end, its to be considered as solved … 8)

tengo el mismo problema steeven :frowning:

There was apparently an outage but email is going through again.


Me llegaron muchos correos jejej
Esperemos nos paguen este mes :slight_smile:
Gracias Brave

Having the same issue.

I have the same issue. Please, help!

The same insue,i dont recive email

I have same issue, too. May I send DM to you?

Same for me, I couldn’t half week too but they have fixed it.

Same problem for me too.

I have the same problem. Someone can help me?

Servers are busy so it will take some time till you get the mails. Don’t spam the request button because then you will get even more mails and it will take longer.

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I tried to input address and I success. Thank you so much!

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