Cant Login, Have Tried To Resend Several Times But Still Showing Error

Got this error, tried resending but the new link still shows the same.
Tried to click the link instead of the button, its gave the same respond

Authentication failed. Your login link may have expired; please send yourself a new sign in link.

Login Link Expired

Login link access expires after 30 minutes and can only be used once

Hi @Nathannaelc
While we wait for The support team to respond.
Try closing all the tabs one by one on your browser. then reopen the browser and use a fresh link

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, that didnt work too

Hello @steeven .
I trust that you are well.
May you please check this issue for us.
Thanks in advance.

One of the Support guys will have a look at this for you.

Also make sure the time on your Authenticator App/Phone is the same as your PC.

I Havent Set Up 2FA tho

I see, alright let’s wait for Support Team to respond.

Can you try copy paste the link instead @Nathannaelc?

tried that too but still showing the same error

new update!
i finally can login using my mobile phone, but… when i try again at my desktop, it still fails ( ofcourse i requested a new link instead of using the link i used in my mobile )

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