Can't log into FB plugin or Disqus

So this has been an ongoing issue for a while now & I keep forgetting to let you guys know.

In Chrome I have a problem sometimes, but in Brave, 99% of the time I can’t log into Disqus to comment on sites like this one -

And the other day on a site with the FB plug-in I couldn’t log in at all no matter how many times I tried. I finally had to copy it to Chrome.

It just loads the popup box, I input the login details via LastPass, it appears to log in, but it never does.

This happens every time I try.

Please fix.

Thanks & Happy Holidays!

Usually, you need to adjust the Shield settings to “Allow all cookies” in order for the plugin/Disqus to be able to read your login cookies.

I’m not sure if there’s anything can be done from Brave’s side. cc @fanboynz

Also see

Just tested on disqus, with default sheilds. Seems to work (maybe clear the site settings).

Regarding the Facebook, That would be broken. I’ve pushed out a fix (the next 24-48hrs), which will help.

What do you mean by “clear the site’s settings?”

What are “default shields?”

I haven’t tried it since the update.


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