Can't log in on google maps

I keep getting a notice that ‘we’ve detected a problem with your cookie settings’. I have enabled cookies and all other requests are too confusing to attempt. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @jayatee,

Thanks for writing in! What OS and Brave version are you using?

Hello Steeven. Thanks for the help you offer. Here is my problem. I can’t get a log in to Google to use Google Maps with Brave Browser. Just now, in trying to reply to you on the browser, I had trouble with a Yahoo sign in for email. I didn’t get a sign-in line to enter a code. I had to use an alternate, SMS, sign-in method.

Now to answer your question-

I am using Windows 8.1 OS on a Lenovo Idea Pad 5400 Touch laptop.

I have version 0.67.125 of Brave Browser.

If there is anything you can suggest I do it would be appreciated.

Thanks for your concern.

Hi @jayatee - to confirm, are you unable to sign in to any Google account?

OK Steeven, things are getting strange. I brought up Maps again and got a new message. This time it referenced java being turned off. Since I had no knowledge to turn java on I googled how to in Brave. I got an instruction, tried to do the suggestion. went back to Maps, found the original message about unable to log in, went back to settings, undid what I did (turned script blocking back on), went back and reloaded maps and voila, I’m signed in.

The answer to your question was yes, I was signed in on other google sites. Videos, Images, etc.

But I found that I had to sign in again to use Yahoo mail and again the initial box had no line to enter a code so SMS was necessary again to sign in.

This is a minor inconvenience though. Maps was pretty major. I really do thank you for your responses. I guess Brave will get better as time goes on. If you have any suggestions I look forward to hearing from you. Otherwise, I call my major problem solved for now. I’ll see what comes next when signing in and out for things.

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