Can't log-in is using VPN?

So, a few weeks ago, I got disconnected from UpHold, it said the website is in maintenance, disconnecting the VPN lets me log in again… I’m using ProtonVPN, I find it weird that I can’t use the website if I’m using a VPN… The VPN connection is from the same country.

Hello! This is Uphold blocking access due to your VPN/their firewall. Thanks!

Will I still earn BAT with my VPN? I can’t see my balance, but I do still get some ads from brave.

Are you connected to Uphold in your Rewards panel currently and do you see earnings under your Earnings so Far section? If so, you should receive a payout during the upcoming June payment period.

If you want to us to investigate further please submit any concerns here and we can take a closer look.


Yeah, the “Earnings so far” for May still counts up, will see when that payment comes up, thanks!