Can't load input file. "//third_party/kasko"



I am trying to build Brave browser by following the documentation which from the link “”. After running the command $sh scripts/getThirdParties.js, I tried to build the app, but it gave me error. So I ran the command $gn args out/Default, then just followed the documentation, saved the file after configured it for debug. After that I got an ERROR at //components/crash/content/app/ Can’t load input file. “//third_party/kasko”.
Unable to load:

Please find the attached jpg file.
Looking froward for kind help.



Good morning,

Can any one please help me out, so that I can get going with Brave browser. I am new to this.

Looking forward for the kind reply.



CC @serg for thought


Thanks for the lead.


The discussion is in the github

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