Can't link to library wifi

Description of the issue: I’m using Brave on Ubuntu Linux. To connect to my libraries wifi (which is public and open) I usually get a prompt from my Firefox browser to open a window and accept the terms and conditions.

I don’t get any such prompt with Brave. The first message that comes up is a warning that the certificate isn’t trusted, I click to ignore this. I think Brave then tries to load the terms and conditions page, but instead it shows me this message and won’t go any further (see below).

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3. Occurs every time I open the Brave at this library.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

Expected result: Taken to libraries terms and conditions page, which I can then check the tick box and connect to wifi.

Reproduces how often: every time.

Brave Version(about:brave): Muon 0.25.2

Reproducible on current live release (yes/no): haven’t tried

Additional Information: ps. can’t seem to create tags either…

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Just for the record, you do know that you should not be connecting to anything secure (like a Brave Wallet) using a public WiFi? Everyone on that public WiFi will have your security credentials if they are even remotely tech savvy. In fact, I assume that every public WiFi has at least a few sniffers out there for people using their login credentials for just about anything.

Thanks for the advice. I’m testing the software atm and only have the 25 BAT that was donated in my account - so no big loss. In fact, I will be interested to see if someone does “sniff” it out and take it. I’m a little surprised that they would be able to get access to my key but, given it’s a one way wallet, there wouldn’t be much to be profited by accessing it anyway.

Does this mean they can also access login passwords that have been saved for particular sites?

thanks, done :slight_smile:

Its probably a simple Shields issue. @SeanIsNot is right in that there may be risks when logging into public wifi with respect to your Wallet but other than that I wouldn’t be overly concerned with your passwords and stuff.
Try dropping Shields, accepting library terms and conditions, gaining access, then re-enabling your Shields. If that doesn’t work, I bet using a private window would work.

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@b-brave Yes, any time you are on WiFi, anyone who has access to that WiFi network can employ an easily downloaded program or phone app to “sniff” any traffic going across that WiFi network. So if you have logged into anything while logged into a public WiFi, anyone who is running packet sniffing software will have the address you logged into, the username and password.

If you are using two-factor authentication you are largely protected from this, but there are still ways to exploit your account if a hostile actor has your username and password even if you have 2FA.

In fact, even if you are own your home, office, or otherwise “secured” network that uses a key, if you give your network key to a visitor who is either malicious or whose device is compromised, an active hacker can compromise your secure network.

Young people lacking fully developed ethical and moral centers can do this by visiting a friend’s house, asking for the network key and running malicious software that can be later used to remotely exploit that network.

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