Can't link PC Brave to mobile Brave

Description of the issue: No way to log on or turn on savings on my Brave app? I only have the option of auto-contribute but I can’t adjust any settings or link my mobile account to my desktop account?? Am I missing something simple or is this just the way things are currently?

How can this issue be reproduced? By using the IOS app I guess

Expected result: Being able to see my rewards center / being able to link to my desktop account

Brave Version( check About Brave): Newest

Mobile Device details Iphone lol

Additional Information: Just looking for answers man, you’d think mobile would have all the options of desktop but mobile is terribly kneecapped with a horrible amount of user control over anything having to do with BAT. Can’t connect it to my uphold either, nothing.

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Hi @Kikinfishes, have you read this?

I too am not getting sync to my iPhone. I tried to log into a simple site I visit regularly, and the password didn’t populate, neither did the UN.
Very frustrating when I’m traveling.
Both / all 3 devices Desktop, Laptop and Phone are in the Sync chain.
Desk & Lap are Windows, phone is iOS up to date.

Hi @LibertyJoe, it’s unfortunate news, but…

You can also read the article I linked above for more information on this.

That doesn’t affect me, I want the sync feature, or I am going back to Firefox.

I’ve switched to Firefox. If you fix your sync capability, let me know! Thanks.