Can't link my gemini account to brave rewards

Some time ago I opened a gemini account and linked it to my brave rewards, it worked well until it stopped being linked and when I tried linking it, the next message always appeared: "Error: region not supported

Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for Brave Rewards verification at this time."
I let it slide becuase I lived in Peru at the time and thought that support may have been cut. But recently I moved to Canada and the same problem keep appearing, and Canada is in the list of supported countries.
I would like to know what to do.
Thank you.

Issue that has been occurring with a lot of people is a mismatch between KYC. Gemini sometimes can be content with just updating the mailing address and submitting those documents, but Brave isn’t. What happens is the API communicates between Gemini and Brave about your information. The crazy part is Brave staff can’t access it, but the system does.

So what could be happening is it’s seeing your prior passport for whatever country you were in and it’s telling you it’s an unsupported region based on that. Unless/until that’s updated between their systems, you’ll likely have this problem.

Part of the reason for it is because it’s an extra layer of fraud protection. It’s easy to fake a mailing address but harder to get official government licenses/passport.

Whether you need to submit new passport/government ID from a prior country or you already did and Gemini may not have updated, you may want to check with them by contacting Gemini according to their article at

You always can try to reach out to Brave’s support as well, by doing a support ticket at but Brave will be limited on what they can do if it’s something that needs changing on Gemini’s end.


Gemini is still showing your prior info of you in Peru based on documents you used for KYC purposes. It doesn’t go by your IP address or anything like that. So you’ll need to go through KYC with Gemini again and make sure they update that information so the API communicates with Brave to show you in Canada rather than Peru. (if no Canada photo ID/passport, then you’ll be stuck waiting for Peru as supported region)

Hey man, this month i supposed to get 15+ bat for August payment, but never received it now it’s showing payment complete… please help me that’s my last 6 months bat collection, when saw that my bat went to payment i was happy but, its gone… I never received it… please help me to fix this man… :pensive:

Below I’m including the screenshot…

@Mr.robot to immediately answer your question, that’s something that people working at Brave will have to investigate and solve. I do know there’s been some payment issues this month. In order to get that assistance, you’ll need to submit a Support Ticket

That said, had a couple things to mention.

  1. In the future, try to only post things relevant to the current topic. You posted this on a topic where someone posted about not being able to Verify with Gemini due to Unsupported Region error.

  2. Any payment related issues should always start off with you creating a Support Ticket. If you feel it important to also create a post or topic on it, then you’ll want to also include a ticket number so that anyone from Brave can look into things.

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