Can't import my favourites

Hi, i have ubuntu 20.04.1, i have an html file that i want to import as my favourites. I exported that file from brave before.


Can you provide more information?

It should works well

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It seems that the html file had a problem when I exported it from brave because I cant open anywhere.

It is very simple ! If your old browser is in “chromium” family, after installing Brave your must replace “Bookmarks” file in “c:\Users\your_windows_profile \AppData\local\Brave-browser\Default” directory with “Bookmarks” from your old browser. In case of UkozMedia Uran browser it is “c:\Users\your_windows_profile \AppData\local\UkozMedia\Uran\Default\Bookmarks” file. Start Brave and enjoy your old favorite list.

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