Can't import from firefox


i saw several topics about it but they are from 2016… and still same problem?

win 10;
mozilla is closed but can’t import. brave is just shuttin down and nothing happen. try several times but same result.

need help!

edit: version: 0.22.669


Please also post what Brave version you are using.


thanks, i just did! version: 0.22.669


I also had this issue. version 0.22.714. on Linux Mint 18.3. was able to work around it by deselecting each of browser history, favorites/bookmarks, cookies, and saved passwords; it seems to be importing cookies that causes the issue, since I was able to import everything else successfully by deselecting it.

edit: it also seems to be specific to firefox, since it had no trouble importing from chromium when I tried that.


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