Can't import cookies and can't identify Opera Browser

Hello, I’m trying to import cookies but Brave won’t show me the option to do so, it won’t show Opera in the drop down menu too.



I’m using Brave 1.22.71 and it says it’s updated.

Anyone, please? Any ideas?

Hi @spikespiegel , I can try till another more knowledgeable than I pops in :slight_smile:
@Mattches perhaps.

I found this, in case you haven’t seen it yet:

And I found an older post that was troubleshooting this ability at the time. You might find it helpful:

Hello and thanks for taking your time to reply. I’ve already seen those topics and none of them helped. Also, the topic where they ask to comment is closed.
Despite being Firefox or Chrome, there’s no option in Brave to import cookies, it’s not showing anything beside what I posted here from the screenshots. Also Opera won’t show in the list.
I’m trying to migrate from opera to Brave.

I understand. I think @Mattches will still drop in here as soon as he’s able, or another tech support, because that older thread sounds like they would want to work at getting other browsers on board for importing.

@spikespiegel – great name!
I don’t believe that we do direct import from Opera at this time. I apologize for the inconvenience. That said, you can get, at minimum all of your bookmarks from Opera as well as all your password data into Brave.

To import bookmarks:

  1. In Opera, open the Bookmarks manager
  2. Select Import/Export option on the bottom left and Export them to a safe location.
  3. Open Brave, Main menu --> Bookmarks --> Bookmarks manager
  4. Click “more options” (3-dots) menu on top-right of the page, then Import.

To do this with Passwords:

  1. In Opera, Settings --> Passwords
  2. “More options” on right-side of the page, then click Export.
  3. In Brave, brave://settings/passwords
  4. “More Options” → Import.

Thanks guys for replying, but I’ve already followed all of those steps, except for the passwords part because I don’t save passwords. I started migrating cookies manually after all, but then I found other problems. I think I’m going back to Opera, Brave’s interface is not helping me with my work.

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