Can't have Uphold account, its a complete harassment

Uphold after taking the copies for my documents, kept it under review for months and then just closed my account permanently, and the customer support sends an apology since it doesn’t cost anything. This is the worst service expected from any crypto wallet, second only to vanishing in thin air. The brave rewards are still being sent to the same wallet and in the reward dashboard it says that I need to verify my wallet, which is now impossible. I also have “metatask” installed as cryptowallet on my Brave browser, is it possible to get my reward there instead? I installed brave for its ad-shield and cryptocurrency feature. The braveshield is recognized my many websites and am told to shut it down to continue, while the crypto service sucks as of now; the former is equivalent to using the ad-blocker extensions on any other browser, so it doesn’t make much difference, but latter can be fixed by cutting out the cancer that is “Uphold”.

@eljuno mentioning you because I don’t have a reply yet, though you did unlisted the topic, which I do not the meaning of on this forum. What I do understand is that Brave is making enough money from the Ads we watch, that it is able to share several dollars with each user. Now if the users can’t use the revenue the receive because Brave is fixed on using such a service, that is pure abuse and harassment. Tell me if I’m wrong.