Can't get verified by Uphold

Hello, It’s been 2 months now, that I’m trying to verify my Uphold account but nothing to do. They say they need a document proving the source of income, what should I provide to get accepted? I tried with monthly earnings from February and March but they say it’s not a valid option. What have you provided to do so? I’m gonna use Uphold just for BAT deposit, nothing else, and Gemini is restricted in my country so Uphold is the only one I can choose.

Uphold already would have provided you a list of things to check. It needs to be something like paychecks, tax return, bank statements, etc.

And yes, they have to prove as if you were to be buying cryptocurrency, even if it’s not your intent. It’s part of the KYC/AML (Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering) regulations established by governments. Otherwise they say you’re using money from crime or whatever. Doesn’t matter what you think about it, that’s what governments around the world are mandating and there’s no way around it.

Okay but what if I have no source of income? I’m a student and I can’t prove anything because I don’t earn anything.
Means as a student I cannot use Uphold or any other similar service?

@W00den did you see anything that said you must have income? I want you to carefully read through the list. For example:

  • 3 most recent bank statements, or

You have a bank, right? So you would just show them your bank account statements and you’d be set.

And if you want to argue you don’t have a bank, then you’re walking into the next issue. With no bank, how would you hope to access the BAT? And if you say you’ve been doing crypto like with Binance, then they covered that as well, giving instructions how to show that at

Just out of curiosity, what country are you from?

Bank statement(30 days) OR HAND WRITTEN LETTER from a family member, where he/she specify that is giving you monthly a certain amount of money(cash as gift). Beside that letter, put ID of the person who is giving you the gifts and make a photo. It should be solved!
If they refuse, i can proof and give you the case number so they can check.

crazy, I never had to provide any income proof. just a passport photo and that live verification thing. when the question about source of funds came up I think I put down rewards programs and giveaways and 0 for all amounts. Everything I have with uphold has come from brave or blockrewardapp.

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