Can't get rid of Win7 warning

@scavxo I linked to this topic and asked Brendan Eich his thoughts. His reply:

Feel free to jump in over there. I wouldn’t go spam heavy, but if you can think of solutions to what he’s mentioning, might be worth jumping in. Keep in mind though, they are business first and foremost. Profit is always going to be necessary. At the very least, they can’t spend more on something than is going to be returned to them in some form or fashion.

You do see though, it’s about building up to the money to fund it. He isn’t saying no, just saying “maybe not right now.” Especially with how crypto world has kind of lost a lot of value over the past year or so with FTX, Crypto Winter, and the other little issues plaguing things.

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Microsoft has a simple policy on that matter: any commercial use of customized versions of their OS is strictly forbidden.

@talgeeze Yeah, I figured. I think that’s why Brendan Eich responded and said suggestions on best FOSS OS to use would be welcome.

So he’s saying they can consider it when they have capital/revenue for it, but would need to have the Free and Open Source OS.

I mean, I’m assuming Linux would basically be the answer, especially if they could simplify it a bit more where it could be as simple as Windows.

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Commercial usage applies only if Brave charges people for “Brave OS” where Brave team attempts to make people buy “windows license key/fee” as well as their own charge like 99$+ or higher, so while brave OS will be supplied completely for free and only necessity is “windows key” which is just a general necessity as it is in stock windows, i dont see the “commercial use” violation or such… Microsoft still gets their full fee and brave isnt trying to make any profit from the base os, so what’s wrong here ?

As is said, Microsoft gets 100% of their Money and Brave team won’t be doing anything shady behind the scenes to convert the windows key business model into something to their own, so there is nothing to violate, i believe.

Were you referring to the Brave themes, Brave antivirus and Brave VPN made for the customized version of windows 11(Brave OS) ? All these softwares are independent softwares that are separated from Brave OS… Meaning, People can Still download and install all of these softwares on Windows 11 if they really wanted it and they are not subjected to Exclusivity.

Only difference that the Brave OS will be making is that all of these softwares will be preinstalled while the Brave OS is meant to be used for the first time, cutting down the time of software installations of Brave themes (as it will be replaced windows desktop themes) and Brave Antivirus (as it will be fully replaced windows defender antivirus)…

In modern phrase as everyone say, all of the Brave software experience will work out of the box, nothing to hassle, it just works and provides the fastest windows OS experience by reducing windows processes to the lowest possible count, removing pre -installed apps, telemetry, spyware, tpm requirement…etc

In addition to this, Brave OS will provide extensive icons customizations such as desktop icons, bottom right taskbar icons specifically Wi-fi, safe eject, volume, charging, etc and also file explorer customizations… Brave will also have Excellent Display control for tweaking Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Gamma and ability to save different profiles and ability to switch between these profiles using a hot key.
Brave team will be just making better windows experience and not trying to profit from the base work of Microsoft, they make money through Brave VPN, antivirus, themes…etc

please tell me more about violations and what i’m wrong here, Happy to Learn.

Well for starters distributing modified images of Windows (like ReviOS that was mentioned somewhere higher in this thread) is forbidden Microsoft EULA and is a violation of copyright.

you have any references to show that Microsoft trying to takedown all of the custom made OS based on Win 11 ?

these are not pirated version of windows, the activation is legit and Microsoft is getting their money.

im currently looking at this version of windows

Windows 10 19H2

very less CPU usage and RAM usage just as compared to 8.1

an update over this previous build 19H2

W10 21H2

i have noticed GPU drivers are available as it was missing for Win11 but i am confused as it only says windows 10 64 bit

and since there are so many versions of windows 10 out there, so all 19h2, 21h2,22h2 will be supported and work for this above configuration, right ?

the move to W10 wont be immediate as i have no interest in W10, i’ll only install this os if brave becomes so unusable and i think its not happening anytime soon… also the more i delay, the better this w10 based phoenix OS will get… Currently they have also released the 22h2 based build but i really dont like the fact they have not updated the icons for that build especially the recycle bin icon. Also, i find that hdd icons on file explorer in Win 8.1 is much more cooler than Win 10.

The key being legit is irrelevant. Microsoft getting their money is irrelevant. The Microsoft user license (the thing you are supposed to read before installing software) does not allow modifying Windows.
If you want to be able to modify your OS, use Linux.

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Well I’ll mute this thread instead.

You apparently seem to hate customized version of all these windows images… So all these talented software developers who build up these awesome custom OSes and keep their community up and running without any hindering from Microsoft to stop their work are wrong and You’re right ? Got it.

I can understand how annoying it must be to see this message every time you open Brave. It’s possible that there might be a way to disable this warning or get rid of it permanently, but if you’re having trouble figuring it out, it might be worth seeking out some additional help or guidance. You might consider posting about your problem on platforms like Reddit or other forums, where there are often helpful people who might be able to offer suggestions or recommendations. It’s also worth considering reaching out to the Brave support team for assistance.

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Windows 7 is an old operating system and Microsoft no longer supports it. I recommend you to upgrade to version 10, and then you will be able to use all the features. It took me a long time to get used to Windows 10, but now it is my favorite operating system. Moreover, I decided to buy Windows activation key here to get access to all operating system updates on time. I noticed that the licensed version works more stable.

Is anyone else using windows 7? Maybe there are people who use XP?

Windows 7 is an old operating system and Microsoft no longer supports it. I recommend you to upgrade to version 10, and then you will be able to use all the features. It took me a long time to get used to Windows 10, but now it is my favorite operating system. Moreover, I decided to buy Windows activation key here to get access to all operating system updates on time. I noticed that the licensed version works more stable.

People should stop writing in this useless thread where people just want to justify their ignorance and don’t upgrade for FREE to Win10 and/or Win11 which are better OS.

First, Brave already pushed to Nightly a way to make you accept that you will no longer get updates.
That should be enough for these win7 ignorant users to just shut up and move on.

Second, this is NOT about Brave or Chromium, don’t these people understand hundreds of companies already dropped support for Win7? Even months or years ago Win7 is not supported by many small and big companies.

Want a small list?
Adobe (all adobe programs), Autodesk (All Autodesk important programs), Blender, Studio One, Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve and Fusion, All The Foundry software, SifeFX Houdini, Affinity Software, Maxon software like Cinema4D,Zbrush and Redshift etc, Corel software, Vegas, lightworks, Hitfilm Pro, Marmoset toolbag, Rhino, Nevercenter software like Silo or Pixelmash, Unreal Engine 5, Open 3D Engine, Avid Software (protools, media composer), Wacom drivers are Win10+ only now, Clip Studio Paint, Krita… Shall I continue? do you get the point?

Do these people not upgrading because they don’t want (again it is free), not understand that Windows is a program launcher, which means, if a program launcher doesn’t support to launch programs and each months more and more programs drop support for it, then it becomes useless?
Maybe people don’t do anything with their computers, but come on, you are the ones who are not upgrading, nobody is stopping you. It is free even today after so many years.

If you don’t want to upgrade whatever, but you should stop justifying it with ignorant points and trying to make you seem like you are something special only because you are stubborn making your computer obsolete for not upgrading and then making your OS run less and less software.

People who drink the Kool-Aid always then want everybody else to drink the Kool-Aid.

there are two options

option 1

check this thread and comments which i made on reddit

you can use the above suggested mx linux

Option 2

or if you want windows environment

You can check this thread to keep using win7 and get all the features of latest versions of brave as well

this thread is in update process and will be finished soon… it currently applies for win 8.1 but this method should also work for win 7 aswell.

this above thread is in experiment process and will be constantly updated until i finally get the solution.

Is anyone else using windows 7? Maybe there are people who use XP?

I have clients who use XP for some specialized software

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