Cant get rewards:(

Since you put on hold referral program in Russia,
I received 3775 Bat to my account.
Users, who download Brave long ago, start use it!

So, i brought this users when refferal programm in Russia was “ON”.
I think it will be fair to get BAT from my account
Whow can it be? Could you help me?


Seems normal, based on your screenshot. Should receive your BAT in your Uphold account in the upcoming payout. The process will begin around Nov. 8th, US time zone. If anything is OK with your account.


Hello, I have the same exact situation, referral charges come at the expense of those users that I attracted before the partner program was turned off for Russian users

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Russian accounts still can get BAT to Uphold?

Last month was same situation.
There was Inscription “The payout report is currently generating, etc”.
But there was no payout.

Thanks, I hope so!

Last month neither me or another creators from Russia didn’ receive payment, it was a mistake?
As i understand: i cant work with refferal program, but still can get paid to my uphold for “old users”?

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