Can't get rewards Since I can't verify uphold

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I live in Lebanon where I can’t verify my uphold account yet, is there anyone to withdraw my BAT, I heard of a new wallet is there a release date or any news


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Hi @AdnanKhaled, in the near future, Gemini will be available to choose, as well (only Creators can use it at this time.)
But I’m sorry to to tell you that Gemini also does not support Lebanon at this time.


Thanks for your reply,

So there is no other way rather than Gemini or uphold, also in the near future like the wallet?

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Hi @AdnanKhaled from what I’ve read, Uphold and Gemini are the options available right now, but that’s not to say it could change in the future. As it is, Gemini isn’t truly available yet - in that users cannot access it, only Creators. I believe this is set to change in the near future.

I’m not sure why Lebanon is excluded at this time. I see there are currently 3 active campaigns (Brave ads) in Lebanon. You could try writing Support at Uphold and Gemini and inquire if supporting your country is on their horizons. You may get some blanket statement, but I don’t think it could hurt to try…

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