Can't get my Facebook group settings to reflect live video options

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Description of the issue: My Facebook group on my brave browser, on my computer reflects the option to go live in the group. The same group on brave browser on my mobile does not. I believe this is a permissions issue through brave and can not figure out how to access those permissions so I can have the option to go live on my phone in my FB group, through the brave browser. I have a Motorola Edge 5G UW 2021.

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If it’s a permissions issue (such as the site is not allowed access to the camera which it needs to go live) you can see what permissions are/aren’t allowed on the site (or any site) by going to Settings --> Site Settings --> All Sites then searching for Tap on it once found to see a list of permissions granted to the site.

Thank you! I will try this out. I appreciate the simple directions

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