Can't get earned BAT off of Android phone that needs to be traded in

I have been earning BAT for months (up to 38 BAT now) on my Samsung Galaxy s10 with the understanding that there was no current way to access them as Uphold has been broken and mobile Gemini integration is not live yet.

However, I recently got a new phone and need to send in my s10 for a trade-in discount, so I don’t have the luxury of waiting for Gemini mobile wallet linking.

I have tried linking my browser to Uphold, which sends me an email notification that it’s linked, but still says “verify wallet” rather than “wallet verified” in the Brave Rewards window. I have tried turning off Brave Shields and logging into Uphold first as other threads have said to do, but there’s still no BAT in my Uphold account.

I have also tried tipping the BAT to myself, but there appears to be no functional tipping option via the Android Brave browser.

Is there any way for me to salvage these 38 BAT that I earned through viewing months of phone notifications and ads, or am I out of luck?

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